Map of Road Closures and Disruptions in Selwyn

Map of Road Closures on the Waka Kotahi NZTA network

Local Authorities may close roads for the purpose of holding on any road any vehicle races or trials, or any processions, carnivals, celebrations, sporting events, or other special events. The Local Authority may, subject to the provisions of these regulations, close the road to ordinary vehicular traffic for a period or series of periods of not more than 12 hours each in any consecutive 24 hours.

Roads may also be closed for works to ensure the safety of contractors and the public. Where roads are closed in the Selwyn District, the road closure will only occur where it is not safely possible for civil contractors to minimally keep one lane open.

Road closures can also have the benefit of minimizing the time contractors are working on the roads. While they create higher disruptions, road closures are generally able to allow for an expedited work program, returning the road to full use in a shorter time frame.

Temporary Road Closures in Selwyn District will be advertised in the Council Call in the local papers.  In some cases, information will be published to social media.  Up and coming road works are listed below.

Not all works are considered notifiable.  All road closures and one way systems, in addition to long term alternating flow set ups (greater than 10 working days) are notifiable to the public.

Council Projects with Major Disruptions

Darfield to Pines Waste Water Pipeline

The installation of a waste water pipe line between Darfield and The Pines in Rolleston will be undertaken over the next 12 months. This will involve road closures with detours along a number of roads throughout Selwyn over the entire project. Details of the project. Please check the disruptions map for up to date information on closures.

Brookside Road One Way System

Brookside Road will be under a one way system between 12 December and 17 December 2022 for urgent repairs to the carriageway.  The one way system will extend from Byron Street to Rolleston Drive with speed restrictions and queuing likely at peak times around Rolleston Drive/Brookside Road intersection.  Please avoid this area during peak hours.  Detours will be in place during this time.

Brookside Road One Way System - notification to residents [PDF, 475 KB]

Non-Council Works with Major Disruptions

Jones Road/Dawsons Road realignment

The Fulton Hogan Quarry is currently being constructed along Jones Road.  As part of the works, the intersection of Jones Road and Dawsons Road is under traffic management while a new roundabout is constructed.  Temporary road closures and one way systems will be in place until 9 December 2022.

Jones Road/Dawsons Road realignment - notification to residents letter [PDF, 451 KB]

Tennyson Street Road Closure

Tennyson Street will be closed for two nights to facilitate a sewer connection for the new businesses in the area.  The sewer network is located in the center of the carriage way and cannot be accessed without closing the road.  The road will be closed on the nights of 5 and 6 December 2022 with 7 December 2022 as a contingency night.  Detours will be in place

Tennyson Street closure - notification to residents [PDF, 384 KB]