Results from our 2019 survey of residents' satisfaction with Council services and facilities

Residents Survey 2019

Each year we undertake a survey to seek feedback from residents on their satisfaction with services like water supplies, roads, community facilities and rubbish collection.

The survey was carried out in June and July 2019 by independent research company Research First, and surveyed 401 people using telephone, cellphone and online surveys to provide a statistically representative sample of Selwyn’s population.

Residents’ overall satisfaction with Council services has remained unchanged from 2018, with 69% of respondents rating our overall performance as good or very good. This continues a long-term trend which has seen the overall performance rating increase steadily from 58% in 2013.

Among the services that respondents rated highly were rubbish collection (97% rated good or very good), recycling (92%), playgrounds (84%), libraries (83%), parks and reserves (81%) and wastewater services (72%).

Across the 24 different Council services surveyed, the biggest increases in satisfaction were recorded for the Pines resource recovery park (up 16% to 85%), cemeteries (up 15% to 70%) and community swimming pools (up 13% to 67%).

Services which saw decreases in satisfaction included cycleways (down 11%), water supply (down 5%), organic collection (down 4%), land drainage (down 5%), and urban roads (down 3%).

Overall, of the 26 services or facilities surveyed, two recorded no change from last year, 11 recorded an increase in satisfaction and 13 recorded a decrease in satisfaction.

The Council’s 2018 annual residents survey also shows that 93% of people surveyed agreed that Selwyn was ‘a great place to live’ – 2% more than last year.

We also surveyed people who had contacted the Council recently how well they rated our customer service. Overall 89% of people rated the ease of dealing with Council as 5/10 or better.

Read the full residents survey results. [PDF, 1230 KB]

Key results

Results show the proportion of respondents who rated a service good or very good.

Waste Management
Rubbish collection
Organic collection
Pines Resource Recovery Park
Community Facilities
Council-operated swimming pools
Parks and reserves


Water Services
Sewerage and wastewater
Water supplies
Urban stormwater
Land Transport
Urban roads
Making roads safer 
Rural roads

Residents Survey 19

How we are responding

This survey provides the Council with valuable feedback on how we’re doing each year, and highlights areas where we need to continue improving services. These results will be taken into account as we work on priorities for the coming years.

We’re continuing to invest in maintaining and improving services. Current and planned work in transportation include increased seal widening and extensions, an active programme of road maintenance, renewals and resurfacing, extending the district’s footpath network, building new cycleways and intersection improvements, along with roading improvements to link with the new Christchurch Southern motorway extension. Work is also being undertaken to support the new Rolleston town centre.

Water quality improvements and treatment upgrades are under way at several water supplies across the district. Expansion of the Eastern Selwyn Sewerage Scheme and other growth-related infrastructure projects are programmed, along with major stormwater projects across the district.

The Council is investing in new community centres at Hororata, Leeston and Prebbleton over the next eight years. Work on an extension to the Selwyn Aquatic Centre and new indoor courts at Foster Park are under way, and development of the new Rolleston town centre and Te Ara Ātea begins in late 2019.

More detail on the Council’s current and future work programme through to 2028 can be found in our Long-Term Plan 2018-2028 and Annual Plan 2019/20.