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Annual Plan 2019/20

These pages provide a summary of key information from the Council’s Annual Plan and work programme for the 2019/20 year.

This summary is also available as a booklet [PDF, 3267 KB], from the Council offices or any Selwyn library.

The full Annual Plan 2019/20 will be adopted by the Council in June 2019.

Introduction to the plan

In 2018/19 we consulted widely with the Selwyn community on our Long-Term Plan 2018–2028 (LTP), listening to your preferences and setting out our priorities for our district’s services, facilities and infrastructure.

With our district population expected to surpass 80,000 by 2028, we’ve outlined a substantial workload of new projects to support our communities with the services and facilities they will need over that time.

We’re now nearly one year into the LTP programme and we are making good progress in meeting our targets. Looking ahead, the programme for the coming year is largely unchanged from what was proposed in the LTP, with only minor changes to budgets and timing of some projects.

Increases in operating expenditure will largely be offset by an increase in our operating revenue, mainly due to higher than expected population growth.

There’s no significant change to the levels of rates increase which we signalled last year. As forecast, the average rate rise across the district will be around 6% from 1 July 2019.

This Annual Plan is about getting on with doing what we said we’d do. As the proposed changes to budgets and timings are not significant or material, we will not be undertaking  a formal consultation process on the plan this year.

It’s still important that we keep you informed of what’s planned, and how it will affect you – so following is a summary of some key projects and what is happening with your rates for 2019/20.

Check out the links on this page for a summary of key projects and local initiatives, and information on changes to your rates for 2019/20.