Population, location, and facilities information for this township.

Population: 1,089 (including Military Camp Personnel) [2013 Census]
Location: 20 mins south of Christchurch on State Highway 1

Photo of soldier

In the late 19th century, Burnham, now one of Canterbury's most fruitful grape growing areas, was considered "too barren" for settlers more used to traditional pastoral farming.

The first freehold owner of this land, Richard Bethel, named the area after his father's birthplace - Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire, England.

The township and its surrounds now benefit from the land's geography and location close to Christchurch city with fashionable wineries flourishing and small farm blocks providing country lifestyles for city workers.

Transport has easy access to forestry blocks, and the geography also provides an ideal landscape for the town's main occupant, Burnham Military Camp.

The Military began training and the unofficial storage of equipment at Burnham during World War I. They have now been training staff in modern warfare techniques at this location for over 80 years.

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