Population, location, and facilities information for this township.

Population: 85 permanent residents, up to 200 during fishing seasons
Location: 45 mins south of Christchurch on the coastline

Rakaia Huts Rakaia Huts initially settled in the early 1900s, is a fisherman’s paradise located at the north side of the Rakaia River mouth.

Residents and visitors enjoy fishing for whitebait, flounder, trout or salmon.

Other activities also appeal - such as wandering along the beach, viewing the seals and Hector dolphin's at play or riding four wheeled motorbikes all the way to Birdlings Flat, well known for the semi-precious stones which are found on its beach.

At the village, a well-maintained boat ramp gives access to the lagoon and river mouth.

Rakaia Huts has an established camping ground and there is a delightful 20-minute river walk from the foreshore to the north branch of the river.