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The Eldernet Group

The Eldernet Group is New Zealand’s most trusted provider of information for older people and their whānau. We provide timely, relevant, and comprehensive information via to help older kiwis make decisions that are right for them. Eldernet was founded in 1997 and covers the whole of New Zealand.

Main activities and services

Making Life Easier ‘Making Life Easier’ is all about supporting older people to live the lives they want! Discover a huge range of care and support options, community and advocacy groups, and service providers throughout the country at Eldernet – Residential Care At, older people and those supporting them can access free, unbiased and comprehensive information about moving to aged residential care (rest homes, private hospitals, dementia care, public hospitals), and accessing home help services and other third age services for seniors. You can view a report, updated daily, that identifies current rest home, dementia, hospital, and psychogeriatric bed vacancies. Powered by Eldernet, is New Zealand’s most comprehensive guide to retirement villages (including the largest selection of retirement village properties in your price range). The website has loads of useful information, including checklists, upcoming open days, and listings for village units which are currently on the market. Where from here Our Where from here regionally-specific handbook helps seniors, and those supporting them, navigate the ageing journey – which is why it’s commonly referred to as the “older person’s bible”. Its pages are full of essential information about staying well and at home, as well as comprehensive indexes on home support services, day programmes, Kaumātua services, retirement villages, and aged residential care options (like rest homes). The book is available free of charge from many agencies (including Aspire) or at