Hobby/Special Interest

Jan's Glass Art

Jan's Glass Work ; is the name of my business.

Main activities and services

I have created stained glass art/ windows, mobiles, sculptures, mixed media pieces, to sell at craft fairs and display and sell through arts and crafts shops over the last 30 years. I now create small three dimensional and flat glass pieces, depicting flowers, figures, houses, lighthouses etc, for display in homes and gardens. I also run workshops to give the participants an opportunity to learn the basics of stained glass work, using the copperfoil technique, to create a small glass piece for their home.

Additional Information

My work now includes mixed media; utilising shells, driftwood, beach and river stones, paua and pink mussel shell, copper wire and beading. I have both indoor and outdoor driftwood hangings incorporating glass and other materials, including ceramic beads, polished stones etc.