Service Clubs

Rolleston Rotary

We’re a relatively new club and want to do things a new and fun way! If you come along to one of our meetings you won’t find a room full of white haired men discussing the finer points of golf, but rather a delightful blend of multi generational people wanting to be involved in the community and enhance the lives of our local people. We’re business owners, wage earners, parents and volunteers from all walks of life. We understand that time is precious, which is why we meet just once a fortnight and will have flexible joining options like family memberships rather than just individual ones. What do you think Rolleston needs? Do you want to be involved in making a difference? We have a few projects in the works already but our main focus right now is growing our club. Why not come to a meeting and see what it’s all about? There’s no obligation to join and our members provide delicious baking and even a glass of wine! You’ll meet a whole range of new people and be part of an organisation that has over a million members all around the world