Report on trip to sister city Toraja in 2015

Toraja, Indonesia 2015

Some facts and photos from Graham Robertson's trip to Toraja .....

Torajan coffee has developed a strong brand in Indonesia with New Zealand assistance.

The project has been running now for 10 years.  Initially the emphasis was on improving the yield and quality of the coffee.  Now that has been achieved the growers have formed a co-operative to obtain better prices.  The top quality coffee is processed and marketed in 200g bags for the Indonesian market.  The rest is now sold directly to two big coffee exporters who are paying premiums above the price growers could get by selling to local traders and middlemen.  As a consequence they are getting prices that are 40% above the local market.

Wood fired drier
Proprietor and other business undertaken by the factory - a coffin

two people looking at coffee bushesDuring Graham's visit he managed to make contact with an official in the Education Department of the North Toraja District Council (the sister city).  He has undertaken to help develop links between schools in North Toraja and Selwyn Districts.  Although English is a problem for them the council has an English speaking staff member who can translate, and schools are teaching English starting about year 5/6.

Family outside farmhouse
School children doing a traditional dance for a New Zealand visitor