Guidance and terms of reference for submitting a Notice to be included in Council Call

We publish community notices where space permits. Notices should be received by 9am Wednesday on the week prior to publication.

Where space is constrained priority will be given to Council notices. Under this policy, please note that we cannot guarantee publication of your notice. It is a good idea to submit your notice several weeks before it needs to be published to increase the chance of publication.

Notices should be:

  • up to 60 words and in a Microsoft word format or in the body of an email
  • if relevant include a contact phone number and/or email (but not multiple different people as contacts)
  • in lower case text with capitalisation where appropriate (do not capitalise all the text in words or sentences as it then needs to be retyped into lower case text)
  • if there is a website with more information on the event this should be listed (note we will not publish long website addresses, only homepages and short links)
  • proofread - check all phone numbers, emails, web links, addresses and other details are correct before submitting the notice.
  • emailed to by the deadline

We will often edit the text to reduce the length or to simplify and summarise what the notice is about. Posters will not be accepted for publication.

Recurring notices

We will generally publish a notice once, or if requested twice (if space permits) within the space of 3 months. We will generally not publish a notice more than twice within the space of 3 months, unless there is a strong reason for repeat notification and sufficient space is available. Where we receive requests to publish the same or a similar notice repetitively we will publish the notice quarterly.

Please contact for any enquiries.