The builder needs to

  • review the consent construction documentation and advice notes
  • engage a surveyor if there’s a statement asking for any stage of building work to be verified with a building location certificate (BLC), or where they can’t confirm location
  • build the property as per the stamped consented plans, following the dimensions of the consented plans
  • get the required building inspections relating to building location and height
  • notify the BCA if any changes or differences are found by the surveyor, or make sure the homeowner is provided with the correct documentation to do so.

Once a BLC is obtained, you’ll need to submit it to BCA via

A building inspector will then review it on site at the next inspection – so it’s important that a hard copy is kept on site.

If any differences occur, the BCA will need to be contacted as this means a change in the consented plans that may require an amendment to both the resource and building consent.