We will manage risk through routine auditing each approved partner by:

  • Completing technical reviews of a sample of applications from each partner (expected to approximately 1 in every 10 projects and a minimum of 1 review within every 6 month period)
  • Increasing or extending the frequency of technical reviews based on findings, recording the reason for decisions on our records
  • Sharing technical review findings with the professional partner
  • Working with the partner to ensure they understand any concerns raised in technical reviews and address them appropriately going forward
  • Removing a partner from the programme if they:
    • fail to address the concerns found, or
    • one or more of the situations below are identified during the review or any other time.
A serious building industry practitioner complaint or several minor complaints (see examples) are identified within a 12 month period on our building industry practitioner complaints register
There is LBP board disciplinary action, including suspension and non payment of fees
Technical reviews carried out on the partner by us identify concerns about the legislative knowledge of the professional
There are frequent inspections failures due to incomplete or non compliant works or site informationn/a

Appealing a decision on being a partner

You can appeal a decision if you are:

  • declined from the professional partnership programme at application stage, or
  • removed from professional partnership programme following auditing

by putting your concerns in writing to, attention of the Building Services Delivery Manager.