How to get involved

Read through the information provided to understand how the programme works and contact us if you have any questions.

To be part of this programme you will need to

If you are unsure of any parts of the programme then get in touch with us via

Application assessment process

All applications for the professional partnership programme will go through the following process:

PPP application process

(Read textural description of process)

  • All applications to join the professional partnership programme will be reviewed against the partner criteria and expectations – this includes checking:
    • the LBPs register
    • previous applications for RFI numbers and that you’re following the correct submission procedure
    • history of inspection passes and site documentation (as relevant)
    • our experience with you for effective, open and honest communication
    • LBP complaints/transgressions.
  • When we have made a decision on your application we’ll let you know our decision in writing, along with
    • a copy of our review, and
    • any guidance on what you may need to focus on more going forward.
  • Approved partners will be added to our professional partnership programme register and listed on our website as a partner.