How an urban number is allocated and an application form

Properties in the urban or township area of the district will have an urban number when:

  • The property is within a currently operative District Plan Living or Business Zone in a township;
  • The property adjoins or has access to a road that has a speed limit of 70kph or less, as established by Council's Speed limit bylaw.

Urban numbers will be allocated in accordance with AS/NZS 4819:2003:

  • even numbers shall be allocated to the right side of the road travelling away from its origin,
  • odd numbers shall be allocated to the left side of the road,
  • when there are multiple properties off a private road or right of way, or when no number is available, an alphabetical suffix will be used on an existing number eg. 3a, 3b.  In these instances, each property's letterbox will be placed at the beginning of the private road or right of way, where it adjoins the legal road.

Urban Property Number Request Form [PDF, 66 KB]