Apply to fly your drone (UAV, UAS, RPAS) on or over council land.

Apply for Permission - Operation of Aircraft over Selwyn District Council Land

"Aircraft" means any man-made device capable of flight, including, but not limited to aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders, hang-gliders, hot air balloons and radio-controlled model aircraft, remotely piloted aircraft systems and drones; but does not include kites and balloons which are controlled from the ground via strings.

This form, and Council's consent, is only required if you intend to fly your Aircraft over Council property and it is an activity not already permitted under Selwyn District Council’s Parks and Reserves Bylaw.

Please be aware that permission can only be given in relation to land owned or administered by Selwyn District Council. You will still need to comply with the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) rules, part 101 when operating your Aircraft.

You need to be 16 years or over to apply for consent, or be supervising someone under 16 operating an Aircraft or be of certain age as required by law for the operation of large aircraft.

Council will endeavour to process your request within three business days.

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What category is the aircraft you wish to fly? * (Eg drone, helicopter, etc)

What is the weight of the aircraft you want to fly? *
(Under 1.5kg - permission is not required if you comply with the Bylaw)

Please provide your unit serial number: *

Personal Details

Age *

Contact Details

Details of Planned Flying Activity

Hobby, filming (photos or video), commercial etc

If so, provide details of the cover provided ie. name of insurer, policy number and expiry date of the cover. Council will need to have sight of the policy document prior to issuing approval. This will include confirmation that operation of your aircraft is included in the insurance cover. Please attach your insurance certificate below (if applicable).

You can upload documents in support of your application here. Max 10mb, JPG, PDF or Word format only.

You can upload documents in support of your application here. Max 10mb, JPG, PDF or Word format only.

Please upload an aerial view of your flight plan including take off and landing points and any other applicable documents including CAA Certification certificate and insurance certificate above.