list of fees for environmental health in Selwyn District

These fees and charges are applicable until 30 June 2021.

The fees listed below are set either by statute, or according to the costs we incur.

For more information about how we set fees and charges, please contact us directly.

Regulatory Health

Fees and charges based on:
Hourly rate: $155 (incl GST)
Mileage: $0.85 per/km (incl. GST)

Registered Premises/Licences


Changes of Ownership Transfer


Changes of Ownership Inspection (if warranted)

$155 per hour (plus pro-rata travel at cost)

Funeral Directors




Camping Grounds


Offensive Trades

(Beyond 1.5 hour @ $150 per hour)

Revisits due to Poor Performance

$155 per hour (plus pro-rata travel at cost)

Investigations (if justified)

$155 per hour (plus pro-rata travel at cost)

Amusement Devices (set by statute):

(Note: The fees are subject to change by Worksafe NZ)


First Device

$11.50 (Set by legislation)

Subsequent Devices (each thereafter)

$2.30 (Set by legislation)

Public Health


High Risk
(e.g Methamphetamine contaminated site/premises)

$155 per hour (plus pro-rata travel at cost)  
Note: Clean-up is charged as per actual cost.

Hazardous Substances - HSNO

Monitoring and enforcement required (pursuant to section 97 of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996)

$155 per hour (plus pro-rata travel at cost)

Bylaw Permits

Permit for Public Place Trader (per year)$175
Outdoor Dining Facilities $175
Other Commercial Activities (eg busking,free standing signs, fitness boot camps)$175
The Council reserves the right to charge an occupancy fee for the use of public land for commercial purposes. This charge will be as determined by the
Property and Commercial Manager based in the size, duration, location and nature of the activity.  


No fees are payable for event authorisations, although the Council at its discretion may charge for venue hire or rental fees and may required a bond to cover the potential costs of property damage caused by the event.