It is the Local Authority's responsibility to both register Amusement Devices that operate in the district and to inspect the compliance of their operation.

An amusement device is any mechanically powered unit that is used predominantly for rider entertainment. This is traditionally for example, fairground machinery which includes but is not limited to:

  • Merry-go-rounds
  • Ferris Wheels
  • Roller Coasters

Today, however there are a number of further devices that fall within the “amusement device” definition such as bumper boats, bumper cars, indoor go-karts and mini bikes.

Amusement devices must have a permit to operate issued by Council and also a current Certificate of Registration issued by WorkSafe.

Amusement devices are regulated under the Amusement Device Regulations 1978.

The regulations require that all devices have a valid Certificate of Registration and that whenever they are operated they have a local authority permit Regulation 11.

Fees for permitsFerris Wheel

All associated fees are detailed on the application form. [PDF, 113 KB]

  • Fees must be paid when the application form is submitted. They cannot be paid on-site on the day
  • Fees for permit applications are non-refundable
  • Applications are not transferable to other dates outside those on the original application.

Please note the following to help us process your application:

  • Applications must be accompanied by a current Certificate of Registration and the application fee
  • Applications should be submitted at least three days before the event
  • Applications should state exactly where the intended amusement device site will be and include an “inspect-by” time and a contact telephone number
  • Applications and fees are to be paid to Food and Health Standards Limited.