If you want to open a camping ground where you charge people to stay on your land in vans or tents by fee, koha or donation, you need to register the camping ground.

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Requirements for a camping ground

The Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985 detail the requirements for campgrounds.


There are regulations about the number of toilets and facilities you need to provide, a minimum size for each site, a safe drinking water supply is required and there will be a maximum number of people you can accommodate.

Camp plan

You need to draw a camp plan showing where all the sites will be and all the facilities such as toilets and showers, rubbish bins, kitchens and so on.

What happens next?

When we receive your application, an Environmental Health Officer will contact you and arrange to inspect your camping ground to see if it meets the requirements.

If it does, we will issue a certificate of registration.


To register your camping ground, please fill out the application form [PDF, 75 KB] and return to Food and Health Standards ( 2006) Ltd. or the Selwyn District Council offices.

The annual registration fee associated with registering a camping ground can be found on the list of fees and charges.

Annual registration

Registration needs to be renewed annually, and we make annual visits to check your camping ground and the facilities like the water supply.

Resource consent requirements

You will likely need a Resource Consent to open a new camping ground, so you should also talk to the Planners at Council about that before you apply to register.

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