Contact details for hazardous substances organisations

A hazardous substance can be defined as any substance with one or more of the following hazardous properties: explosiveness, flammability, oxidising capacity, corrosiveness, toxicity, eco-toxicity and New Organisms.

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is an independent body established under the HSNO Act. Its role is to assess the environment and health risks and to place controls to make sure that these are managed properly.

It maintains a public register of all approved hazardous substances - including the controls on each substance - and produces guides and other resources for dealing with hazardous substances.

The council Environmental Health Officers can assist you if you ave any concerns or questions about a potential hazardous substances. They may direct your inquiry to the Ministry for the Environment or Environmental Protection Authority if necessary.

Ministry for the Environment (MfE) Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

Phone (04) 917-7400

The MfE Website

PO Box 10326, Wellington 6143

Phone (04) 473-8426

The EPA Website

PO Box 131, Wellington 6140