Notifications of any disruptions to water races

Current Disruptions and Outages

Disruptions will affect all races downstream and it may take up to 48 hours for flows in races lower down to be fully restored.

Date: 12/10/2020 -15/10/2020 and 21/10/2020 -24/10/2020
Type: Disruption
Affected Schemes: Paparua Water Race Scheme
Map: Affected Water Races in the Paparua Scheme- Rolleston [PDF, 1506 KB]
Details: Due to on-going CSM2 works there is a planned water race outage east of Rolleston involving the Paparua scheme.

Date: 14/10/2020-21/10/2020 approximately
Type: Disruption
Affected Schemes: Upper Ellesmere Water Race Scheme [PDF, 870 KB]
Map: Affected Water Races in the Upper Ellesmere Scheme
Details: We are currently experiencing issues with getting water in to the water races in the Upper Ellesmere scheme. Council is working with Grasslands to remedy this.

Occasionally water races are shut down for planned maintenance works.

  • All shutdowns are managed by Council’s Network Management Contractor, SICON.
  • Any contractors or land owners wishing to shut down water supply to install culverts or other structures, should contact the Council to be directed to SICON.
  • Planned shut downs shall be undertaken in line with Council's Policy W117. Please note that planned shut downs greater than 24 hours will be publicly notified at the applicant's cost. Council require three weeks' notice for planned shut downs greater than 24 hours.
  • Some main races are not able to be shut at certain times of year. Over pumping should be allowed for.

Paparua Scheme Water Race Users

The river flow is starting to drop - Check our Paparua water race irrigation page for current restrictions and the daily roster.

Please contact the Council if you have any questions regarding any other disruptions.