Application Forms

Building a culvertApplication - New entranceway culvert  [PDF, 2628 KB]
Agreement to close a water raceAgreement to close water race form [PDF, 50 KB]
Relocating a water raceApplication for a water race relocation / new water race [PDF, 360 KB]
Reduced building setbackReduced Building Setback  [PDF, 121 KB]
Build a pondApplication to construct a new pond [PDF, 60 KB]
Water extraction for garden irrigationApplication for Irrigation rights for garden use [PDF, 25 KB]
Water extraction for shelter belt irrigationApplication for Irrigation rights for shelter belt use [PDF, 25 KB]

Reporting poor water race supply

  • If you are experiencing a poor supply from a water race please report the issue via our customer request form.
  • Our contractor will investigate and where possible remedy the issue. We cannot guarantee supply to the races and sometimes it can take a long time for the problem to be resolved (e.g. due to lack of water in the river). Council’s policy W109 enables a rebate of water race rates to be made for the duration of the prolonged outage (provided it was reported to Council in writing).

Building a culvert

Closing a water race

With the change of land use in Selwyn there are now water races that are surplus to requirements.

If you would like to close a water race on or adjacent to your property please visit the Water Race Closure page and follow the specified process.

Relocating a water race

Water Race Lining Requirements

  • Land owners can apply for permission to move a section of water race. To gain approval there must be no impact on other water race users. Relocations are required to be undertaken in line with policy W106 in the Water Races Bylaw [PDF, 105 KB].
  • In addition to making an application to Council, it is the applicant's responsibility to consult with Environment Canterbury prior to excavation works being undertaken in or adjacent to a water race to determine whether resource consent is required (earthworks adjacent to a surface water body).
  • Please refer to the Drawing - Water race lining, New and Relocated Channels [PDF, 473 KB] to prepare your application.

Fill in an Application for a water race relocation / new water race [PDF, 360 KB]

Building set back

Building a pond

Extracting water to irrigate