Council receives a number of requests for closure of individual water races where they are no longer required. The following steps are required to be undertaken before a race can be closed:

  1. The initiator of the closure request should contact Council and ask for Surface Water Operations Engineer, to discuss whether proposed race is appropriate for closure
  2. The initiator of the closure request is required to co-ordinate with all affected land owners to provide the following documents to Council:
    a. Agreement to close water race form signed by all affected property owners - (revised 24 October 2014)
    b. A map showing the extent of the requested closure – a blank map will be provided by the Surface Water Operations Engineer
  3. If unanimous support is obtained from affected land owners, the closure request can be presented to the Water Race Sub Committee
  4. The Water Race Sub Committee considers the application and provides approval to proceed to public consultation
  5. Water race closure requests will be publicly advertised and key stake holders notified
  6. Should interested parties wish to present their views there will be an opportunity at the Water Race Sub-committee meeting held every two months
  7. Applications for closure will be discussed and if appropriate, a recommendation made to Council by the Water Race Sub-committee. The Committee meet every two months
  8. If recommended for approval the proposed water race closure is considered by the elected Council who meet monthly
  9. Details of the decision will be posted on the Council website and affected land owners will be informed
  10. If appropriate, salvage of aquatic life will be undertaken prior to race closure
  11. Physical water race closure will be undertaken in conjunction with the Council’s Contractor
  12. Benefiting land owners will be liable for their share of the cost of closing the water race

Please note, no water race closure can be undertaken without the above steps being undertaken. Any persons wishing to discuss a proposed water race closure can do so via the Surface Water Operations Engineer or at the Public Forum of the Water Race Sub Committee.