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Description of water race closure process and any current advertised closures.


Ellesmere Scheme

The Selwyn District Council, in accordance with the special consultative procedure as outlined in the Local Government Act 2002 advises their intention to discontinue the stockwater race(s):

  • 3km of the Heslerton Road water race; and
  • 3.2km of the Crossgates Road water race.

This discontinuance will be effective in September 2020, subject to the consultation process.

  1. Submissions close on 21 August 2020. To make a submission please email or contact Council.
  2. Submitters may be heard in support of their submission on August 26th 2020 by a sub-committee of Council.
  3. View our Summary of Proposal  [PDF, 404 KB] showing the section of stockwater race to be closed.
  4. View map of the Heslerton Road [PDF, 123 KB] section proposed for closure.
  5. View map of the Crossgates Road [PDF, 362 KB] section proposed for closure.