The irrigation roster has not yet been set for today. Please check back after 4.25am.

Important: all irrigation must cease when the roster is 41.0.

View the current Paparua Irrigation Roster.

Paparua Scheme Disruption Notices

Our maintenance contractor is working at fixing the issue. Please contact council if you have any concerns.

From May 14 to May 21, 2019Yaldhurst, Pound and Ryans Road areasWashout of a divide in the Paparua Stock water race scheme

Commercial irrigation roster

  • As a commercial irrigators on the Paparua Water Races scheme you must check the irrigation roster each day to confirm if you have been allocated water for that day.
  • Depending on the daily river flow (cumecs) you are allowed to irrigate a certain number of days a week.
  • When the river drops below 41 cumecs, all irrigation must cease.

Irrigation applications


  • Council hold an Environment Canterbury consent that allows water for commercial irrigation to be taken from the water race in the Paparua scheme.
  • Irrigation water is allocated based on availability and a roster is reissued on 1 September each year.
  • Amounts of available irrigation water are influenced by river levels which is reflected in the irrigation roster.
  • Annual irrigation charges are calculated and applied to the litre per second allocation in the irrigation agreement. Further details on the types of irrigation available are outlined in policy W101 and sections 6.9 and 6.10 of the bylaw.
  • Any person wishing to apply for irrigation should contact Council to be directed to Council’s Network Management Contractor SICON.

If you have questions regarding the roster or your irrigation agreement places contact Selwyn District Council Water Services via email