Information for home owners on private water supplies

Selwyn District communities generally have access to various other sources for good quality water.

Types of supplies

For those who are not on Council reticulated water supplies, there are many other alternative sources of water supply:

  • self-supply, such as a farm with bore (private well) or roof tank.
  • private owned reticulated (many houses connected) - Properties with older pipework are more at risk of breakages and entry of contamination.
  • small community supply (a school or camping ground)
  • public community supplies and race water

Your responsibility

Backflow prevention

  • Backflow prevention is important, particularly on farms and on properties where commercial or industrial activities are being undertaken.
  • Backflow prevention ensures that no contamination is able to backflow into the water source
  • There are different methods of backflow prevention. Examples are: air gap separation by ball cock, a range of back flow prevention devices depending on the water pressure and purpose. Back flow prevention systems and devices need to be maintained to ensure they are fully operational and effective.
  • More information about Backflow prevention

Storage tanks

  • Many properties, particularly in the rural zones, are required to have water storage tanks. These tanks store water for sustainability for domestic use and fire-fighting purposes.
  • Check that your tanks are well-sealed to prevent the entry of birds, feral animals, rodents and insects from entering the tank and contaminating the water.
  • Cracks around the top and unsealed lids need to be sealed. Breather holes need to be screened for insects.
  • View guidelines and instructions on how to Disinfect Water Storage Tanks [PDF, 129 KB]

Useful Links

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