Selwyn District communities generally have access to various other sources for good quality water.

For those who are not on Council reticulated water supplies, there are many other alternative sources of water supply:

  • self-supply (such as a farm with bore or roof tank)
  • private owned reticulated (many houses connected)
  • small community supply (a school or camping ground)
  • public community supplies and race water

Types of supplies

Private drinking water supplies fall into different categories:

  1. Supplying a single property – self-supply
  2. Supplying more than one property via pipe connection – reticulated supply. Properties with older pipework are more at risk of breakages and entry of contamination.

If you get your drinking water from your own private source, it’s your responsibility to ensure your water is safe to drink.

Make sure you know where your source is and that it’s in good condition. Test your self-supply regularly.

Environment Canterbury has guidelines for testing. Environment Canterbury recommends regular testing for pathogens and nitrates and a one-off test for heavy metals and organic chemicals. For more information about drinking water safety, visit Community and Public Health.