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How do I connect to the water supply?

Properties with an existing water connection

  • Check if your new property already has a water connection (see picture aside) installed at the boundary; your supply point should be located at the front of the property on the boundary and has a blue lid and tail pipe.
  • If so, check that your building consent has been granted.
  • Then your plumbing contractor can connect to your supply point. No further approval is required.
  • If you need water on a new property before the building work is consented, you must apply for approval by submitting the water connection approval form . There is no application fee.

For new dwellings and family flats on an existing property, check our planning information about other consents required.

Properties with no existing water connection

Only one water connection is allowed per property valuation number (title).

1) Your area status is classified "Open" or "Subject to approval"

  • Then please fill out our water connection approval form . There is no application fee.
  • Once your application has been approved, you will be invoiced for any applicable development contribution which must be paid prior to engaging a contractor for the physical pipework installation.
  • In addition to development contributions (where applicable), a "Rural Water Charge" may apply for the first and/or subsequent unit of water. Fore more information about these charges, please contact the Water Services Team by email to:
  • We have two types of water supply connections in our district: on demand (unrestricted) and restricted.

Engaging a contractor to install a new approved connection

  • You may choose the Council's contractor Sicon Ltd. or any qualified private contractor to complete the connection work from your house to the boundary.
  • Note that private contractors work must comply with the Selwyn District Council's infrastructure design standards [PDF, 2078 KB]. Refer to Part 3 of our Engineering Code of Practice [PDF, 1039 KB] page 48-51 for templates of pressure pipe check-sheets.
  • All new connection to a public main must be supervised by Sicon under our Water Supply Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 217 KB]. (The cost for Sicon to supervise your private contractor is based on $60.00/hour, $0.60c/km plus materials (if any) and this will be invoiced to the applicant in the month following the completion of work.)
  • Once private work is complete, your private contractor will have to fill out the As-Built submission form  [PDF, 149 KB] and send it to the Council within two working days from work completion date.
  • You may decide on engaging our contractor Sicon to complete the whole connection work. Sicon's actual costs to complete the whole connection work will be as quoted by the contractor. Please Contact Sicon Ltd. for a quote on 03 318 8320 or email

2) When a water area is "Closed" for new connections

Maintenance of your connection

Fig.1: above, here is an example of a metered connection showing the owner/Council split responsibilities
  • We will maintain all water connections connected to the public network including water meters and restrictors.
  • The maintenance of your pipe and its connection to the toby box (as shown above) up to your house is your responsibility.