Connecting your home

Properties with an existing supply point

Your supply point should be located at the front of the property on the boundary and has a blue lid and tail pipe. If your building consent has been granted you or your plumbing contractor can connect to your supply point if available. No application form is required.

Available water Connection

If you need water on your property before you apply for a building consent you must apply for a water connection. There is no application fee.

Properties without an existing supply point

Check to see if the water supply you want to connect to is open. If the supply is open fill out the water connection application. There is no application fee.

Water supply availability [PDF, 68 KB]
Water connection application form. [PDF, 142 KB]

Once your application has been approved you will be invoiced for any applicable development contributions which must be paid prior to engaging a contractor for the physical pipework installation.

Development contribution charges as of 2018/2019 Financial Year


Cost including GST$2,310.35$4,733.40$7,893.60$2,105.65$8,444.45$3,142.95$1,665.20

Engaging a contractor

There are no set fees for new connections. The actual cost is, as quoted by the contractor. You can choose Council's contractor Sicon or any qualified private contractor. You can contact Sicon for a quote on 03 318 8320.

Please note: Any work being undertaken on Council's infrastructure by private contractors which involves connecting to the water main must be supervised by Sicon. Your private contractor must submit a Supervision Request Form [PDF, 51 KB] at least 5 days prior to commencement of work.

The cost for Sicon to supervise your private contractor are based on $60.00/hour, $0.60c/km plus materials (if any) and will be invoiced to your private contractor in the month following.