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Selwyn District Council supports developers and contractors by sometimes allowing them to extract water from the Council water supply network using connection that must always be metered and protected with a tested RPZ.

Alternative sustainable water sources should be sought by developers prior submitting a permit application to the Council.

Applying for a permit to extract water

  • Developers and contractors are required to apply for a permit by filling in our online application form.
  • The agreement is strictly between Selwyn District Council and the Developer only and is not transferable. On each development site, SDC will allow a define number of controlled connection points (maximum of one point per 30 lots under one resource consent)
  • All takes will be inspected regularly by our Water Engineer to ensure the ongoing integrity of the temporary connection and protect the network from contamination.
  • Permits are valid for one year maximum.
  • Should demand on the Public infrastructure reach increased levels, Council reserves the right to either suspend permits or consider further restrictions on bulk water extraction.

Fig. 1  acceptable RPZ set-up

Terms and conditions

Permits are approved only under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The permit holder will provide full details of alternative water sources being deployed onsite.
  2. Extraction points will be metered and protected with a backflow preventer at all times.
  3. The permit applicant will bear the cost of the meter and backflow preventer installation and the pressure testing required (a "pass" certificate must be available onsite for inspection).A copy of the permit and have to be held onsite by the operators during the time of drawing water.
  4. The permit holder must provide a map of all extraction point(s) for inspection to take place.
  5. The permit holder agrees to send up-to-date meter readings, every two months and to pay all water use charges at the current rate.
  6. Extraction will be restricted to 9am – 4pm and 10pm - 6am, Monday to Friday, no exceptions.
  7. Irrigation of berms must be by soaker hose, no aerial or rotary irrigation is to be used.
  8. All extractions will abide by all regulations including the Council Water Supply Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 217 KB] (amended 2018).
  9. Extraction permits must be renewed in July every year if the applicant wish to continue extracting water. For new permits to be authorised, all final water meter readings must have been sent to us via email and consequent invoices paid.
  10. If any connections are found or identified over and above the permitted connection points (toby boxes are not to be used), all agreements to extract water will be removed and no further extraction considered. The Health Act 1956, and the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007, section 69ZZZ “Protecting water supplies from risk of backflow” also authorise the Selwyn District Council (SDC) to enforce backflow prevention (non-compliance may result in fines up to $20,000).

Fig. 2 Illegal water extraction