Educational Support Services

Kip McGrath Darfield

Find Kip McGrath Darfield in Courtenay Road Kirwee. Look for the flag!

A wonderful place where students from year 4 to 9 gain confidence, skills, knowledge and strategies in maths and English in a warm, safe supportive environment led by Mrs J, an experienced, New Zealand qualified teacher.

After school tuition that allows your child to grow into their full potential, catching up, keeping up and even streaking ahead!

What Makes us different

The Kip Difference! Qualified teacher, individual programmes based on detailed assessment, internationally recognised Kip McGrath resources and methods...and best of all, the pace of the learning is set by your child...not the needs of the whole class. Ideal for the child that seems to be falling "through the cracks" at school.

Core Products and Services

After-school tuition in literacy and numeracy for students year 4 to year 9.