Educational Support Services

Kip McGrath Lincoln

We are passionate about finding and extending educational strengths and encouraging strategies for success in those areas of struggle. Causing learning to happen for all types of students no matter what their needs is our speciality.
We offer individualised tuition with experienced teachers from year 1 to 10 in Early Reading, Literacy and Numeracy. We have Senior Maths, English and Physics available also.
We offer both remedial services and extension. We cater to all learners, moving them towards their learning goals while finding confidence and success in education.

What Makes us different

Testimonials from some of our students: “My son was ranked 55th at the beginning of the year for English and at his end of year exam ranked 8th and was moved to the top class.” This was after a year of tuition at Kip McGrath. “My son and I are so excited that for the first time in his school life he is reading at the correct level for his age.” This student was 12 years old and had been behind in his reading since school entry. “My daughter won the school prize for most improved in maths this year.” This is a year 10 girl who has experienced success in maths for the first time.

Core Products and Services

Individualised tuition for years 1 to 10 in Literacy and Numeracy.