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The team at NetSpeed are committed to delivering an AFFORDABLE CITY SPEED BROADBAND to urban and rural Canterbury. We connect throughout the Selwyn District especially where other broadband services are failing to deliver enough capacity to serve demand. Our high speed wireless, 3G and 4G LTE broadband connections work independently from your landline because our network does not rely on old wired technology to work.

All Netspeed broadband plans deliver at FULL SPEED and include WIRELESS HOME NETWORKING (so you can connect all your wireless enabled laptops and smart phones to your broadband connection), FREE NETSPEED EMAIL ACCOUNTS and your own STATIC IP ADDRESS. NetSpeed have competitive MONTHLY NO CONTRACT PLANS FROM ONLY $44.95 per month.

We can also supply INTERNET PHONE SERVICES FROM $15 PER MONTH so you can be completely free from the old copper landline network.

So why wait for Broadband? We are installing wireless 3G and 4G broadband connections in your area right now. JOIN THE REVOLUTION and call us now for a FREE SITE CHECK for your home or business anywhere in urban or rural Canterbury. For fast, effective and reliable internet services, contact NetSpeed on 0800 638 773 or 982 2010, or email,nz

For more information about NetSpeed and our full range of services and plan pricing in Canterbury please visit our local website

Netspeed - proud to be your locally owned and operated broadband network since 2002.

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