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What Makes us different

With over 30 years industry experience, Mark has a comprehensive knowledge of the Pryda Build software system, is a Pryda Approved Fabricator manufacturing quality timber frames, roof and floor trusses, flitch beams and supplying quotations, design services and all your structural timber products. Today, Canterbury Frames and Trusses continues to grow solid partnerships with quality home builders in Canterbury. We provide a high level of service and are proud to be recognised as a supplier of quality timber frames and trusses.

Core Products and Services

Precut and Prenail Timber Frames, Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses, Loose Timber, Timber Beams and Posts. LVL and IBeam options. Quotations, Design Services, Detailing, Council Producer Statements, Quality Product Manufacturing, Timber supplies, Steel Quotations

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