As the homeowner you are responsible for your building consent and obtaining any documentation that is required. You must remain aware of what is happening with the build at all times and to contact the BCA if there are any changes.

The easiest way to identify if a building location certificate is required is to check your consent construction documentation and advice notes. Remember to talk to your designer or builder if you have any concerns.

The builder may ask you to engage a surveyor. Once the BLC has been produced by the surveyor it is important that the surveyor explains any differences they’ve found for you.

If everything is ok, an inspector will need to review the BLC on site at the next inspection – so it’s important that a hard copy is kept on site. An electronic copy will also need to be either

For building work close to planning restrictions such as recession planes, boundary distances and finished floor levels (FFLs) your surveyor may find differences.

If the surveyor finds differences from the consented plans in their BLC, you’re responsible for contacting the BCA and letting us know so the changes can be assessed. You may also need to contact the Planning department to see if the dimensions recorded are within the scope of the district plan. They’ll let you know if they can accept a variation, or suggest you need an amendment or carry out the work as consented.

Where a minor variation or an amendment to the building consent plans is required, this may involve a fee. Once the changes have been confirmed by the BCA you’re required to have a copy on site of the

  • Planning Department’s letter noting acceptance of all variations
  • your written acceptance of the changed dimensions (as the owner)
  • a copy of the approved changes.