Council aims to have a safe district through early detection and rectification of dangerous, affected and insanitary buildings.

This is done by

  • encouraging public to discuss their development plans and obtaining a building consent for work prior to work commencing, and
  • following up complaints and observations to identify potentially dangerous and/or insanitary buildings.

In our role as a regulator we do this by determining

  • if there has been any unauthorised building work and/or change of use
  • the standard of maintenance of any specified systems
  • the state of repair of building structures and services
  • the safety level of the building.

If a building is found to be dangerous and/or insanitary our compliance team will advise and liaise with the building owner. The intent is to help find mutually acceptable solutions that bring the building back to a state where it is safe and healthy.

For more details see

Earthquake-prone buildings are covered by the Earthquake Prone Building legislation that came into effect on 1 July 2017.