Everybody should expect some degree of noise in their neighbourhood from time to time. We do not regulate everyday activities such as lawn mowing, building construction, road repairs etc. While such noise may be a nuisance to you temporarily, provided the hours of operation are reasonable, we may not necessarily respond to such complaints.

Noise Not Covered By Us

There are situations where we, the Noise Control Service, cannot be of assistance as the type of noise is specifically covered or controlled by other authorities. The most common situation include:

  • Barking Dogs – contact Animal Control
  • Noisy vehicles on the road – contact the Traffic Safety Branch of the New Zealand Police
  • Noise within a work place – contact the Department of Labour
  • Noise between tenants – contact the landlord

The Complaints Process

Unfortunately, there may be times when you cannot tolerate the noise your neighbours are making any longer.

Try The Neighbourly Approach First

First try talking to them about the noise. Sometimes a friendly word over the fence works wonders.

If You Have No Luck, Then Contact Us

We will need the problem address as well as your own details. All calls are confidential but there are times when an offender can simply figure out who called. This is beyond our control but if any problems associated with this occur, we and/or the Police can follow up with the offenders if necessary.

You will need to tell us if you want us to let you know the outcome of our visit. If you don’t, we wont.

What We Will Do To Respond

All after-hours complaints are actioned by a security company contracted to us. They have to respond to all complaints, and on agreement with you an officer will be dispatched within 15 minutes of your call. Written reports are completed for every complaint investigated and are forwarded to us the following working day. These reports contain information for any enquires or follow up action that may be necessary.

During normal working hours, noise complaints are forwarded to our Environmental Health Officer for investigation and action. This is usually on the same day. There are times when we cannot immediately action your complaint due to other commitments. In all cases, we will respond to your complaint promptly and efficiently. Subsequent complaints against the same offending property will be followed up in person.