Rates are an important way that the Council helps fund the essentials that keep Selwyn thriving. Your rates are working for you 24/7, providing great value for the services that you, your neighbours and communities across the district enjoy.

Find out where your rates go [PDF, 342 KB]

Your rates invoice will include details of your rates contribution for 2021/22. You can check out the details of your rates by clicking on ‘property search’.

Your invoice details the rates assessed for your property for both the Council and Environment Canterbury (we act as agent for the collection of Environment Canterbury rates within Selwyn district).

If you pay by direct debit, the Council will recalculate your deduction to ensure your rates are fully paid by the end of the rating year. Any change in your direct debit deduction amount will take effect from your first deduction in August. You will be notified by letter of the change. If you pay by direct debit, then as long as you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover payments on the due dates, you will not be charged penalties.

For ratepayers not on a direct debit, rates are payable in four instalments – 15 September, December, March and June. Penalties are charged on instalments not paid in full by the due dates and there is a further penalty if rates are not paid by 30 June.

If you have any questions about your rates please contact us at rates@selwyn.govt.nz

Changes this year

The average rates increase for 2021/22 is 4.9%. This is an average across the district, and the actual increase will vary according to different property types and the services provided.

Rates may also increase if you have made changes to your property, for example if you have built a house on your section, or if you have changed your wheelie bins.

The rates for 2021/22 were set by the Council after we consulted with the community on our Long-Term Plan 2021-2031, during April-May 2021.

The plan sets out some of the major projects that the Council is proposing to fund in the coming 10 years, including:

  • improvements to the safety of our water supplies
  • increased spending on road maintenance
  • a new wastewater system in Darfield and Kirwee
  • new community centres in Prebbleton, Leeston and Hororata
  • new district sports facilities
  • funding for heritage protection

Find out more about the Long-Term Plan, and view a copy online.

The main changes to the rates are set out below.

Type of rate

Average change 2021-31

Reason for the change

General Rate

+6% per year

To fund maintenance, upgrades and safety projects that improve the quality and safety of our local roads, in response to the increasing pressure on the network from the district’s continuing growth.

Targeted Water supply rate

Around +5% to +10% per year (the amount of the increase will partly depend on water usage)

To continue investing in infrastructure so that current and future generations have a reliable and safe drinking water supply; and to meet changing regulatory requirements.

Sewerage rate

Around +4% per year

To provide for future-proofing, including replacing the Ellesmere wastewater treatment plant, and connecting Leeston, Southbridge and Doyleston to the Pines wastewater treatment plant in Rolleston.

Stormwater rate

Around +8% per year, with a bigger increase from $94 to $113 in 2021/22

To improve the performance of our stormwater schemes and reduce their impact on the environment.

Water races rate

Around +5% a year, plus an increase in the amenity rate paid by most ratepayers, from $23 to $45 in 2021/22

To maintain the provision of stock water, and preserve the biodiversity and aesthetic benefits of water races. We plan to keep strategic water races open even though there is declining demand for stock water.

Refuse rate

Around +2% per year; plus a $101 increase in the refuse and recycling rate in Arthur’s Pass and Castle Hill from July 2021

To continue improvements to the Resource Recovery Park and to introduce a separate glass recycling service in

2023/24 or 2024/25. The increase in Arthur’s Pass and Castle Hill is to better align with urban waste costs and to operate the recycling services introduced over the last two years.

Recreation reserves rate

Around +4% per year

To fund additional capital and operating expenditure that ensures we continue providing and maintaining high quality recreational reserves.

Community centres rate

No change planned

Lower interest rates and overall network management should allow us to hold rates at the current level.

Swimming pools rate-5% in 2021/22 and no planned increase after thatLower interest rates should allow us to reduce rates from July 2021 and to hold them at that level.
Libraries rateAround +3% per yearTo help fund costs related to the opening of Te Ara A¯tea in 2021, and general cost increases in future years.
Canterbury Museum rateAround +6% per year ($2–3 per year)To help fund our contribution to the Canterbury Museum redevelopment project.
Malvern Community Board rateNo change plannedThe current rate is sufficient to cover forecast operating costs.

Find out more about the different types of rates, key dates and how you can pay.