Rates are an important way that the Council helps fund the essentials that keep Selwyn thriving. Your rates are working for you 24/7, providing great value for the services that you, your neighbours and communities across the district enjoy.

Find out where your rates go [PDF, 359 KB]

Your rates invoice will include details of your rates contribution. You can check out the details of your rates by clicking on ‘property search’.

Your invoice details the rates assessed for your property for both the Council and Environment Canterbury (we act as agent for the collection of Environment Canterbury rates within Selwyn district).

If you pay by direct debit, the Council will recalculate your deduction to ensure your rates are fully paid by the end of the rating year. Any change in your direct debit deduction amount will take effect from your first deduction in August. You will be notified by letter of the change. If you pay by direct debit, then as long as you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover payments on the due dates, you will not be charged penalties.

For ratepayers not on a direct debit, rates are payable in four instalments – 15 September, December, March and June. Penalties are charged on instalments not paid in full by the due dates and there is a further penalty if rates are not paid by 30 June.

If you have any questions about your rates please contact us at rates@selwyn.govt.nz

Changes this year

The average rates increase for 2022/23 is 6%. This is an average across the district, and the actual increase will vary according to different property types and the services provided.

Rates may also increase if you have made changes to your property, for example if you have built a house on your section, or if you have changed your wheelie bins.

The rates for 2022/23 were set by the Council after we consulted with the community on our Annual Plan 2022/23, during April-May 2022.

The plan sets out some of the projects that the Council is proposing to fund in the coming year, including:

  • New reserve developments in Prebbleton
  • Water supply improvements district-wide
  • Darfield swimming pool improvements
  • Rolleston reserve and town square development
  • Darfield/Kirwee wastewater pipeline
  • Roading improvements and resurfacing
  • New roundabouts

Find out more about the Annual Plan, and view a copy online

Find out more about the different types of rates, key dates and how you can pay.