What is the wheelie bin stocktake?

The purpose of the wheelie bin stocktake is to accurately record the number and type of bins at properties, to ensure rates are charged fairly. Historically, the Council has relied on address labels and bin serial numbers to link bins to properties. From a database perspective, this requires physically checking every bin periodically.

What's going to happen?

RFID (or Radio Frequency Identification) tagging will be introduced which enables Council to maintain the database accuracy remotely, allowing for a more efficient service. When a bin is collected, a unique tag is read and the empty is confirmed via a computerised system.

A small RFID tag will be fitted to each bin allocated to each property. The stocktake will take approximately four weeks per area and it is expected that the project will be completed across the district within 12 months.

Please note rural properties using crates will not have RFID tags fitted.

What you need to do

You don't need to do anything until the tagging crew are in your area. When this happens, you will receive a flyer in the mail letting you know what you will need to do.

Common questions

Why is the Council fitting RFID tags to wheelie bins?

RFID tags are a more efficient way for Council to manage the database of thousands of bins across the district. Each time a bin is collected we can ensure that it is allocated to the right property. In the past, the Council used to send out a team of bin auditors to physically label bins and check against the database. Now we will be able to do it remotely. It will also enable us to identify when and where a bin has been lifted should it be reported as stolen.

If my bin doesn't have a tag, will it not be collected?

Yes, eventually only bins fitted with RFID tags will be emptied.

Are you tagging recycling crates?

No, only wheelie bins will be tagged during the stocktake.

What if I do not have an address label on my bin?

Please write your address on the lid of your bin. Permanent marker is fine. Otherwise contact us and we can arrange to have one printed and posted out to you.

I have a Christchurch City Council bin, what should I do?

Please contact us and we will arrange for it to be removed and replaced with a Selwyn District Council bin.

Why do I have to leave all of my bins out each week, regardless of whether it is a recycling week or not?

This is so that the tagging crew can fit the RFID tags to all of your bins in one visit - it is more efficient.

When will my bins get tagged?

Before we start in your area, we will communicate by a flyer drop to your letterbox and by text message if we have your mobile number. You can ensure your mobile number is in our database by contacting us or by signing up for bin text alerts. The tagging crew will do several sweeps of an area, so if you miss the first sweep, they should get your bin(s) on the next one.

My bin hasn't been tagged yet, I'm worried that the rubbish truck will stop collecting it.

We will be in contact with you by letter or by phone prior to ceasing collections of untagged bins.

I've got the round yellow sticker on my bin, does that mean it has already been tagged?

Yes it does, this bin does not need to be presented again for the tagging crew.

I left all of my bins out like you asked but they didn't empty my recycle bin.

If it isn't your usual week for recycling, then the recycling truck won't be emptying your recycling bin. We have only asked for all bins to be left out so that the tagging crew can fit the RFID tags. The tagging crew are working separately to the collection trucks.

How long will the RFID project take?

The project should be complete in about 6-8 months. Each area the tagging crew are working in should be completed during a four week period.

Who is doing the stocktake?

Waste Management NZ Ltd. This is the same company that empties your bins. The tagging crew will be wearing hi-vis vests and will have identification with them.

Will the tagging crew come onto my property?

No they will not. If the tagging crew arrive outside of your property and cannot locate your bins, they will leave a note for you in your letterbox asking you to please put your bins out the following week.

I've got / taken a bin that is not mine, what should I do? Will I be in trouble / get fined?

There is no intention to fine or retrospectively apply charges to bins that shouldn't be there. Sort of like a bin amnesty. If you do not wish to keep and pay for the bin, write "Please remove" on the lid of the bin in permanent marker and leave the bin out for the tagging crew to take it away.

My bin is damaged, what should I do?

Please contact us or fill out the Repairing a damaged bin section of our Request a New Bin or a Bin Change form and we will arrange for a bin repair to be carried out. There is no cost to you for a bin repair / replacement.

I want to swap to a smaller rubbish bin, can I do that now?

Please contact us or fill out our Request a New Bin or a Bin Change form and we will arrange a swap.

There is a bin on my property that isn't mine, can you get it taken away?

Write "Please remove" on the lid of the bin in permanent marker and then leave it out at the kerbside for the tagging crew to take it away.

How do I report a stolen bin?

Please contact us and we can arrange a replacement.

Will Council be charging per empty or by bin weight from now on?

There is no current intention to charge per empty or by weight. The RFID tag does future-proof the bin for considering these possibilities at some point in the future.