Building Installation Services

Tunnelhouse Tech

At Tunnelhouse Tech we believe in providing the highest quality of service and support available for all greenhouses.

We provide and support:
– a wide variety of greenhouses to the commercial greenhouse industry
– small greenhouses for home gardeners
– other structures such as swimming pool covers, animal shelters, and storage facilities.

We are committed to helping you make your greenhouse all you want it to be. We offer:
– the information and consultation you need for installation, improvement and renovation projects.
– an array of interesting solutions and innovative products
– an experienced team to get the job done.

We offer competitive maintenance plans to extend the life of your existing greenhouses, such as:
– expanding your greenhouse
– giving your greenhouse an exterior facelift for winter
– making your greenhouse energy smart

Core Products and Services

We work with structures from Redpath, Harford, HerdHomes, Tunnelworld, FlexiTunnel and Coastal. We offer construction of new structures, greenhouse maintenance, greenhouse recovering, and greenhouse relocation. We work with clients in the South Island, and sometimes in the North Island too.