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Breathe Relax Reflexology

Reflexology has been used for several thousand years drawing on ancient practices from Egypt, India, China and Greece. Each of these countries have specific evidence reflexology was used, with Egypt depicting the practice in 4000 year old hieroglyphics shown in the Physicians Toomb.Reflexology can help many conditions and is recognised as an effective complementary alternative therapy, which has numerous supporting case studies.Here are some examples:AnxietyAsthmaBack and Neck PainCancerDepressionDiabetesHay FeverHyper HypotensionInsomniaIrritable Bowel SyndromeMental HealthMultiple SclerosisParkinson’s DiseaseInfertility and working side by side with IVF PregnancyBaby's and ToddlersPre-Menstrual TensionSciaticaSinusitisStressThyroid Imbalance

What Makes us different

A Breathe Relax Reflexology treatment will transport you to a place of relaxation and calmness. We believe reflexology holistically treats the mind, body and soul providing a balanced and healthy life.

Core Products and Services

Maternity & Fertility ReflexologyBaby & Toddler Reflexology and Massage workshopsZu Qigong Foot energy workMobile Service I can call to you for an extra $15 on top of the normal fee if your in the Selwyn areaAyurvedic Natural Face Massage