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Plant Door

Plant Door brings nature into your home. We are your local business, based in Rolleston in Christchurch, with the goal of making your plant purchase as stress free as possible and yes, I know exactly how you feel new plant mum’s :). At Plant Door, our journey began when our love for indoor plants grew and grew but we found it even harder to source them here in South Island. So we extended our love and passion to bring you the plants that you have always imagined and dreamed off. Plants are not only an excellent decor but have amazing mood and health benefits that can bring to your home or workspace. We have hunt down every nursery and meet with growers throughout NZ (trust me we’re pretty fussy!) . Our focus is on established plants that will thrive in your environment and adjust very easily. Fresh stock arrives every week and we are constantly refining our collection based on what you love and current trends.Get in touch – we here for you and would love to help. And if you want us to go on a hunt for a specific plant or pot style we can do that too.