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FORBES+COULSON Architects & Project Managers

We create professionally designed homes and workplaces that are healthy for those you care about, mindful of our environment, and respectful of your budget. We call it Mindful Architecture.

Home Owners:
Building you own home is exciting. We can provide a full design and project management service to help you get exactly what you want, within your budget. We won't charge you for revisions during design - revisions are part of the evolution of the design process. It's how we make sure that your bespoke solution is perfect for you. If you prefer to use a group home builder, but really would love an architect designed bespoke home, we also provide partial services in concept design only. We work with your builder to ensure we are aligned with their delivery constraints.

If you are a local Selwyn Farmer, we want to meet you. We don't just design homes. After what feels like a lifetime of working for large corporates, we have extensive experience in commercial design too - from processing plants and storage facilities to vineyards and game farms. We love site visits in the countryside, and we are more than happy to meet you at your place of work (as long as you offer us a coffee when we get there!).

Business owners and contractors:
Apart from our full service professional offering, we also offer partial services for separate packages of work - site selection, feasibility studies, resources consents, bulk and location studies, construction contracts, programmes and variations....the list goes on. We even offer in house training in project management and construction law if that interests you. Give us a shout if there is something you need locally, and we will be totally up front about whether have the expertise you need or not. We might just know someone that does, if we can't help.

What Makes us different

We are the only Registered Architect practice in the Selwyn district, and we provide specialist expertise in creating healthy and environmentally sustainable buildings.

Core Products and Services

Architecture and Project Management - full service and partial services available