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See where this fits in the overall plan change process [PDF, 419 KB].

About the private plan change

On 20 November 2020 Hughes Developments Ltd lodged a private plan change request with the Council. The request seeks a change to the Operative Selwyn District Plan by rezoning approximately 20 hectares of current rural land in West Melton to residential land. This would enable approximately 130 residential sites.

On this page you can find all the information on the plan change request, including material that has been made available at each stage of the application process.

Map showing the proposed site

Update 4 October 2022

Since receiving the submissions on Plan Change 74, the applicant has made changes to the proposal in response to some of the submissions received. This letter outlines the changes made and with some explanatory reasons for them.

Plan Change 74 amendments [PDF, 568 KB]

Update 9 June 2022 - Submissions Received

73 submissions were received in relation to PC74 and can be viewed online at Summit Up.
The summary of submissions, and period for further submissions, will be notified in due course.

Update 3 June 2022

Public submissions on Plan Change request 74 closed at 5pm Thursday 2 June 2022. The submissions will be made publicly available in due course. Once submissions have been summarised, the period for further submissions will be notified.

Update 5 May 2022 - Amended Application

The plan change application has been amended to incorporate the further information requested. The following documents superseded the original documents received.

Private Plan Change Request - Hughes Development Limited [PDF, 1842 KB]
Appendix A - Outline Development Plan [PDF, 874 KB]
Appendix B - Concept Subdivision Plan [PDF, 1526 KB]
Appendix C - Infrastructure Report [PDF, 12776 KB]
Appendix D - Mahaanui Kurataiao Feedback [PDF, 376 KB]
Appendix E - Urban Design Assessment [PDF, 8195 KB]
Appendix F - Geotechnical Investigations [PDF, 8174 KB]
Appendix G - Contamination Reports [PDF, 11185 KB]
Appendix H - Landscape Assessment [PDF, 13915 KB]
Appendix I - Integrated Traffic Assessment [PDF, 2133 KB]
Appendix J - Updated Traffic Comments [PDF, 2513 KB]
Appendix K - Record of Titles [PDF, 1156 KB]

Update 4 May 2022 - Public Notification

Private Plan Change 74 was accepted for notification at Council’s meeting on 27 April 2022.

The Plan Change was publicly notified in the Selwyn Times newspaper on 4 May 2022.

Public Notice [PDF, 28 KB]

Any person may make a submission in support of or opposition to the plan change, or any part of it. Submissions close at 5pm Thursday 2 June 2022.

Online Submission Form 5 (Submissions closed)
PDF Submission Form 5 (Submissions closed)

Submissions may be made through the website or you can download and print the PDF submission form.

Submissions not lodged through the website can be:

Posted to: Selwyn District Council, PO Box 90, Rolleston 7643
Emailed to:
Faxed to 347-2799

After 2 June 2022, submissions will be summarised and made available to the public.

Update 27 April 2022

Council will consider if the plan change application should be accepted for notification at its meeting on 27 April 2022.

Report to Council on how to proceed with Plan Change 74 [PDF, 496 KB]

Update 15 December 2021

In response to Council’s request dated 3 February 2021, the following response was received on 15 December 2021. The response is currently being reviewed to ensure that the matters raised in the request for further information have been satisfactorily addressed.

RFI Response [PDF, 775 KB]
Plan Change Request - Amended December 2021 [PDF, 2449 KB]
Appendix A Draft Submission Plan [PDF, 977 KB]
Appendix B Updated ODP [PDF, 325 KB]
Appendix C Plan Change Request - Amended May 2021 [PDF, 2448 KB]
Appendix D Urban Design Memo [PDF, 7646 KB]
Appendix E Infrastructure Report [PDF, 12229 KB]
Appendix F Novo Group Memo [PDF, 2062 KB]
Appendix G Landscape Appendix [PDF, 13128 KB]
Appendix G Landscape Comments  [PDF, 242 KB]
Appendix H Mahaanui Kurataiao Limited Advice [PDF, 376 KB]

Update 3 February 2021

The Plan Change request has been reviewed for completeness, and a request for further information has been issued.

Council request for further information 3 February 2021  [PDF, 139 KB]

Once the request is complete it will be taken to Council to be considered for notification. If Council decides to accept the Plan Change it will be publicly notified and opened to submission.

Update 24 November 2020 - Private plan change application received

This application is currently being reviewed to ensure the information is adequate for public notification. Once this has been completed and any required information received it will be taken to Council to be considered for notification. If Council decides to accept the Plan Change it will be publicly notified and opened to submissions.


The Plan Change request consists of the following documents:

Application for Private Plan Change Request in a single file [PDF, 43296 KB]

Application broken into component parts:

Private Plan Change Request - Hughes Development Limited  [PDF, 3068 KB]
Appendix A - Infrastructure Report [PDF, 8718 KB]
Appendix B - Geotechnical Investigation - 163 Halkett Road  [PDF, 6055 KB]
Appendix B - Geotechnical Investigation - 1066 West Coast Road [PDF, 8115 KB]
Appendix C - Preliminary Site Investigation - 163 Halkett Road [PDF, 3579 KB]
Appendix C - Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigation - 1066 West Coast Road [PDF, 8086 KB]
Appendix D - Traffic Assessment [PDF, 2066 KB]
Appendix E - Urban Design Statement [PDF, 2907 KB]
Appendix F - Record of Titles [PDF, 1337 KB]


For further information contact the team on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or email