McHughs Forest Fire Evacuation Information

Potential hazard

McHughs Forest Park has been identified as an area of potential fire risk due to its close proximity to residential properties and businesses in Darfield and the abundance of fuels. The risk would be greatly increased during periods of high wind, particularly a strong nor'west wind that could transport embers ahead of the main fire causing spot fires in the township.

Evacuation zones

Click to view map in full sizeSelwyn District Council Emergency Management staff, along with Fire and Emergency New Zealand and local Police, have identified two evacuation zones to help manage the response to an uncontrolled wildfire in McHughs Forest.

Zone One shown in red identifies properties and businesses that would be told to 'EVACUATE NOW' if requested by Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Zone Two shown in yellow identifies properties and businesses that would be placed 'ON STANDBY' followed by an evacuation order if needed.

Please be aware the evacuation area could be extended beyond zones one and two depending on the fire risk. A large amount of smoke from the fire is possible and residents should self-evacuate if they feel unsafe or unwell.

Due to the unpredictable nature of fires this information is a guide only and at any fire event the Fire Commander will make decisions based on the circumstances at the time.

(Pictured: evacuation areas. Click the image to view the high-resolution version.)

Emergency centres

For those residents evacuated that can't find shelter with friends or family who live outside the evacuation zone, emergency centres will be established at the Kirwee Community Hall, 26 High Street, Kirwee and Glentunnel Community Centre, 2652 Homebush Road, Glentunnel.

Sign up to Selwyn Gets Ready

Selwyn District Council offers a free Civil Defence alerting system to residents, which sends text and email alerts to subscribed households in the event of an emergency like a wildfire, tsunami, snow or severe weather.

We strongly recommend that your household subscribe to Selwyn Gets Ready

Be prepared to respond

If you receive a warning to evacuate you should immediately move out of the evacuation area and not return until given the official 'all clear'

We also recommend that you and your family know your evacuation route and take time to make a plan for how you would evacuate. This could include having essential items ready to go and making a plan for pets and animals.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand provides information on ways to protect your home from wildfires.
It's important to understand the fire risks of rural living and take actions to minimise them.