Floods can happen frequently and have the potential to cause a lot of damage. They are usually the result of heavy rain or thunderstorms that can cause damage to properties, polluted water and land, injuries or even the loss of life.

Floods become dangerous if the water is very deep, travelling very fast, has risen very quickly, or if they contain debris like tree branches and sheets of iron.

During a flood

Do not try to walk or drive through flood water.

Move valuable or dangerous items as high as you can off the floor.

Listen to the radio and follow the instructions of emergency services.

Flooding in Selwyn

The Selwyn district is bounded by two major rivers, the Waimakariri to the north and the Rakaia to the south. The district also has a number of river systems running through it, namely the Selwyn River which is fed by the Hororata, Hawkins and Waianiwaniwa Rivers before flowing into Lake Ellesmere.

For the latest identified areas in Selwyn that may be at risk from flooding during a 200-year flood event, check out the Selwyn's flooding and coastal hazards maps.

Preparing for floods – sandbagging instructions

Sandbags can help protect your home in case of a flood. If you’re in a susceptible area, view or download this simple guide on how to prepare sandbags in case of a possible flood.