If your bin was not collected, a tag should have been attached to it explaining why.

The kerbside trucks collect thousands of bins each day but sometimes mistakes happen and the driver may have accidentally missed your bin.

Before reporting your missed bin, check below for some other possible reasons your bin may not have been collected:

  • The lid was not shut flat or the bins were overflowing.
  • The bin was contaminated (e.g. non recyclable items in the recycling bin or plastic in the organics bin) or contained liquid or hazardous waste. There is a sticker on the underside of your bin lid advising what can and can't go into your bin. If you do not have one of these stickers and would like one posted out to you please contact us.
  • The bins were not registered to your property.
  • The bin was put out on the wrong week for recycling. The easiest way to tell what week and day your bins are collected is to use our Collection Day Lookup Tool.
  • The bin or bag was too heavy. Large rubbish bins, recycling bins and organic bins (240 litre) have a weight restriction of 60kg. Small rubbish bins (80 litre) have a weight restriction of 30kg. Council rubbish bags have a weight restriction of 12kg.
  • The bin or bag was not put out on time. Bins and bags need to be presented by 6am on the day of collection - we recommend putting your bins or bag out the night before.
  • The bin was not correctly presented at the kerbside. Please ensure that the bins are placed at least 50cm apart and away from obstructions such as trees and letterboxes. The Council logo on the front of the bin is to face the road.

If you have checked the above list and none of these apply, your bin may have been missed so please contact us. When you call please provide the serial number on the side of the bin.

How to use your wheelie bins

Bin lids must be closed flat to ensure collection. Extra items placed next to or on top of the bin will not be collected.Place bins at least 50cm apart and away from obstructions.
Place bins on the footpath or grass verge closest to where the collection vehicle passes. Each bin's Council logo is to face the road. Please do not place bins on the road. Bins must stay at the property they are allocated to. Contact us if your bin does not have a label or the bin does not belong to your address.