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Commercial activities such as busking, outdoor dining, outdoor fitness boot camps in public places, where appropriate and well managed, can add character, vibrancy and visitor experience without detracting from the wider communities use of the public space. These activities can also entertain and assist in strengthening the existing function of public areas as community spaces. Public places include public roads and reserves.

However, commercial activities need to be balanced against the needs of the environment and the impact such activities may have on the general use of public areas and private properties adjacent to public areas.

Bylaw Permits

Permit for Public Place Trader (per year) $210                                          
Outdoor Dining Facilities $210
Other Commercial Activities (eg busking, free standing signs, fitness boot camps) $210            

The Council reserves the right to charge an occupancy fee for the use of public land for commercial purposes. This charge will be determined by the Property and Commercial Manager based on the size, duration, location and nature of the activity.


No fees are payable for event authorisations, although the Council at its discretion may charge for venue hire or rental fees and may require a bond to cover the potential costs of property damage caused by the event.