A guide to the management of stock droving and stock control.

Stock droving is permitted on some of the District roads but is subject to the Selwyn District Council Stock Droving Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 170 KB].

Stock Droving

The bylaw is intended to promote the necessary requirements for drovers to carry out before, during and after the droving of stock. Some basic requirements and guidelines for the safe operation on the roads are:
a) all droving must be attended by a competent drover (or drovers for large mobs),
b) never operate during the hours of darkness unless approved by Council.  It is highly recommended that drovers wear high visibility garments and ensure you are clearly visible from 150m with the use of flashing lights, temporary warning signs etc.

Do you require a permit?

  • YES - if you propose to drove stock along or across any road listed in Schedule A, B or C of the bylaw on a one-off basis or regular basis
  • YES - if you propose to regularly drove dairy cows for milking purposes

If the above do not apply you may drove stock on local roads without a permit, but please familiarise yourself with the Stock Droving Bylaw 2008 and remember these important points to follow:

  • DON'T use rope, string, wire, tape, or any other obstruction across the road.
  • DON'T operate without the appropriate warning devices, signage, amber flashing light and it is recommended for drovers to wear high visibility garments.
  • DON'T become a nuisance by operating your droving or crossing badly.

Apply online / print a hard copy [PDF, 23 KB] of a One Off Stock Droving Permit

Apply for a Regular Stock Droving Permit [PDF, 29 KB]

For further enquiries please email transportation@selwyn.govt.nz