Information about the Osbornes Drain resource consent

For a number of years the Osbornes Drain Catchment Management Working Party has been working collaboratively to lodge a resource consent for the land drainage discharge from Osbornes Drain. The Selwyn District Council holds this consent.

A copy of the consent is found on the Environment Canterbury web page under CRC172231.

Documents produced to meet conditions of consent are provided below.

Integrated Land Drainage Catchment Management Plan

This plan was written as part of the work program for the Osbornes Drain Working Party and incorporates recommendations provided from the group and independent consultant advice. The plan was written in accordance with the requirements of Environment Canterbury Consent CRC172231.

Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Plan

The Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Plan is being developed in recognition of the long-term and historical degradation of the wetlands downstream of the Pump House in the discharge zone as a result of the constructed Pump House discharge channel.

The purpose of this document is to the plan for and facilitate the habitat restoration and enhancement of the section of Osbornes Drain downstream of the Pump House.

Habitat Restoration Plan 2018 [PDF, 1253 KB]

Habitat Restoration Plan 2019 [PDF, 4830 KB]

Fish Salvage

Fish Salvage on an annual basis is required as a condition of consent. The purpose of the annual fish salvage is to minimise, as far as practicable, fish kill by the Osborne Pump Station.

Fish Relocation 2017 [PDF, 247 KB]

Fish Relocation 2018 [PDF, 290 KB]

Fish Relocation 2020 [PDF, 204 KB]

Fish Relocation 2021

Fish Relocation 2022

Drone Footage

Drone Footage [PDF, 3218 KB]

Technical Reports

The following technical reports were included in the application and provided here as a reference:

Osbornes Drain Ecology [PDF, 2039 KB]

Osbornes Drain Hydrology and Water Quality [PDF, 2780 KB]

Osbornes Drain Water Quality Improvements [PDF, 10954 KB]

Osbornes Drain Mitigation Measures [PDF, 780 KB]