Planting of the drainage network is encouraged by the Council but needs to be approved and undertaken in accordance with our guidelines. It is important that approval is sought from the Council to ensure that we can continue to access the drains for maintenance and the most appropriate plant species are selected. Using appropriate plant species and placement ensures plantings do not interfere with the drainage network by causing slumping of banks, blocking the flow of water which reduces the drain capacity, or introducing invasive plants that spread along the drainage network.

If you wish to undertake planting any classified drain please consult our Land Drainage Planting Guide [PDF, 565 KB] for details of recommended species and areas that can be planted. In addition, please complete the Land Drainage Application Form [PDF, 74 KB] to seek approval from the Council before undertaking any planting.

Funding may be available for drain planting using native plant species from:

1. Selwyn District Council - Application Form

2. Environment Canterbury through the:

  • Environment Enhancement Fund
  • Immediate Steps
  • Honda Tree Fund
  • Te Whakaroa Te Waihora

For further information on these funds please contact the biodiversity team at Environment Canterbury