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Foster Park Turf

Foster Park is the largest sport and recreation Park in the Selwyn District, and when combined with Rolleston College and the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, is one of the most comprehensive sites for young people’s education, active sport and recreation, play and community activity in New Zealand.

Foster Park is located in Rolleston between Broadlands Drive, Goulds Road and Dynes Road. Selwyn Sports Centre, the 8000 square meter indoor sports and recreation facility, is also located on Foster Park, at 70 Broadlands Drive.

Staged construction of the Park began in 2014 and is nearing completion. Currently (as at mid-2022), the park is home to

  • 16 grass playing fields (grass),
  • One full-sized water-based Hockey turf, built to National and International match requirements;
  • One half-sized sand dressed artificial Hockey turf suitable for junior Hockey and other activities;
  • One full-sized artificial Football turf, built to National and International match requirements;
  • An artificial Softball/Baseball diamond;
  • 4 artificial Cricket wickets;
  • A destination playground, adjacent to Broadlands Drive which is a major attraction for families and children of all ages;
  • A network of shared paths for walking, running, biking and wheelchairs which navigate around the fields, facilities and garden beds of daffodils and wildflowers.
  • A youth zone is planned for construction beside the playground in 2023/24.

Currently Foster Park is home to the Selwyn United Football Club, Rolleston Rugby Football Club, Rolleston Softball Club, Selwyn Baseball Club and Waikirikiri Hockey Club.

The Park provides ample lit training and playing spaces including eight of the grass playing fields, both hockey facilities, the artificial football field and two cricket wickets. These lit spaces cater for a range of evening and winter activities including Hockey, Football, Rugby, and Cricket.

The grass fields, Cricket pitches, Baseball and Softball diamond, Hockey and Football turfs are available for both public use (subject to availability) and event hire. See for more information regarding booking fields or for information regarding the turfs and charging rates for hire.

See the latest regarding sport ground closures.

The Selwyn Sports Centre was opened in 2021. The Centre is situated opposite the Selwyn Aquatic Centre on Foster Park. The Selwyn Sports Centre has a number of spaces which are available for both casual use (subject to availability) and for long term seasonal hire. .

  1. See Map of Foster Park