A list of any land exchanges currently under review

Council owns land for a variety of purposes, including gravel pits, forestry blocks and recreation reserves. In some cases the purpose of the land may not truly reflect the actual use.

Where this is the case, Council can look to exchange the purpose from one site to another. For example if Council owns freehold land in the township and the land is being used for recreation purposes (say a park), the status of a redundant recreation reserve could be transferred to the freehold land, so it can be controlled under the Reserves Act 1977. The redundant recreation reserve would then become freehold land which may be available for disposal if not required for another purpose. Other land which has been set aside for a specific purpose under the Reserves Act 1977 can also be considered to be exchanged. There is a process to follow which is set out in the Reserves Act 1977.

Council can also consider changes in reserve purposes without having to transfer from one site to another, provided the land is already a reserve within the Reserves Act 1977. For example if a Council Reserve is set apart for a gravel pit, but is no longer used for that purpose and has no future extraction potential, Council can look to reclassify the purpose of the reserve to its actual use e.g. Gravel Pit to Local Purpose (Nature Park) Reserve.

Land Exchanges and Reclassifications will be publicly notified, with an advertisement being placed in the Council Call or Public Notices section of local newspapers.

There is currently no land requiring exchange at this time.